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Most commonly known Japanese versions of the Bible.

(Images of the Bible are from Pensées blog.)

  • 口語訳 (Colloquial, 1955~2002)
    • 1はじめに神は天と地とを創造された。
    • Japanese-colloquial.jpeg
    • Not used very commonly. First translation since the WWII.
  • 新改譯 (New Revised, 1965~2017)
    • 1初めに, 神が天と地を創造した.
    • Used by theologically conservative Protestant churches.
    • Jap-new-revised.jpeg
  • 新共同訳 (New Interconfessional, 1987~1988)
    • 1初めに、神は天地を創造された。
    • Most popular, but not used in theologically conservative churches. Used by both Protestant and Catholic churches. More familiar to modern style of writing.
    • Jap-new-interconfessional.jpeg
  • リビングバイブル (Living Bible, 1977~2016)
    • 1まだ何もなかった時、神は天と地を造りました。
    • Not sure of its popularity, but this is a version from NLT in English.