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Angular 2 by Examples

Running the app (via npm)

Compile just once. This executable binary is founder under ./npm_modules/.bin/ folder.

$ tsc

If tsc is not directly available. It can also be run this way: npm run tsc.

If you want the server to watch for changes and compile on change (aka transpile) you can run the following command:

$ npm run tsc:w

turn off connection logging

Setting logConnection to false in bs-config.json did not work. The connection is logged by a middleware called connect-logger and you can disable it by creating bs-config.js with the following content.

module.exports = {
  server: { middleware: { 0: null }}

turn off file change updates

Add logFileChanges line to disable logging of file change updates.

module.exports = {
  server: { middleware: { 0: null }},
  logFileChanges: false


An example event binding.

<button (click)="onSave()">Save</button>

Canonical form:

<button on-click="onSave()">Save</button>

List of events that can be used on MDN.