Buying a used car

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Things to check when buying a used car

  • Check for moisture out of the exhaust pipe while the car is running
    • You can put a tissue paper on the exhaust pipe to check for moisture
  • Check for the cleanness of exhaust [engine cold]
    • scrape inside the pipe with a finger and if your finger stains with black soot then engine is not in a good condition; it should be clean
  • The parking brake should click up about six times; more than that means the pad has been worn down
    • factor in the cost for the replacement of the brake padding if worn
  • When opening the hood, check for the sign of unscrewing of the bolt (marks, dents, and rescrewing, etc.)
    • if it was unscrewed before, then it had a significant repair job done
  • put a paper cup full of water on top of the engine and when engine is running it should be relatively steady and not be shaking violently
  • oil cap should be clean; more dreg means worse condition
    • smell (more savory means worse condition)