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keyboard shortcuts

F9 - Configuration menu

Alt + F5 - Toggle UTF-8

Ctrl+a | - Split screen horizontally

Ctrl+a % - Split screen vertically

Ctrl+a :resize-pane -L 20 - Resize increase left of current window pane by 20 units (other available ones are -D, -R, -U)

Ctrl+a Tab - Next to the next screen in a split screen

Ctrl+a c - Create a new window

C-a A - Rename the screen

C-a C-a - Go back to the previous window

C-a <0-9> - Switch to screen #0-9 (quick toggle)

C-a " - View a list of the current screens, which will allow you to select one from the list

C-a ' - Enter a screen number to switch to (slower version of C-a <0-9>)

C-a d - Detach the whole screen session and fork to the background. Very useful for remote sessions you want to leave open. The command "screen -r" will resume your screen session.

C-a <Escape> - Scroll up through your command line "history" and see what output you previously got. Hitting <Escape> again cancels it.

Ctrl+a : clear-history - clear history in the viewing buffer