Tragedy of modernity

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  • Mass murders, harvest and sale of organs
    • 落胎兒콩팥등 臟器까지도輸出 (Aborted babies' organs exported overseas), 경향신문 | 1970.11.27 기사(뉴스) (Kyunghyang Shinmun, November 27, 1970 news item) - original source
      • 90 organs sold for $ 15 (4,640 KRW) each. Under the approval of Professor Yi Myoung-bok of the Medical School of Seoul National University, they have been sold to a FLOW research lab in Maryland, U.S. It was found that FLOW lab had been importing organs from all over the world. With a network of hospitals around Seoul, whenever there was an abortion two members of the lab would run to the hospital and procure the aborted babies to harvest for organs to be exported immediately because the freshness of the organs was important to be viable for export.
      • As apparent in this article it has been going on for many decades, non-stop. Highly probable it is still going on, with the collaboration of abortion clinics within the U.S.