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File management

Changing date taken on MP4 files

You can easily change metadata on JPGs through Windows Explorer's property dialog, but for reasons I don't have time to explore at the moment, metadata on MP4 files are somehow unchangeable from Windows Explorer. I had to download a small utility called exiftool to do it. My camera had the month, the day, and time right, but year was off by 1. It was a small mistake I had made when I first set up the camera, and all of my videos and photos had the wrong year. The following three lines of commands fixes that by changing whatever the year it was to 2019 (as of now, and found on 3rd line in the code block.) Just rename the value of F to whatever file name you need to update. In order to use it just copy these three lines to your Notepad and change the filename on the first line. I may get around to write a batch file to process it for entire folder, but feel free to create one yourself and let me know via email form via the link on the bottom of this page or somewhere else if you're using a different MediaWiki skin.

C:\files> SET F=MVI_1482.MP4
C:\files> FOR /F "tokens=*" %g IN ('exiftool -a -s -G1 -time:all %F% ^| find " DateTimeOriginal"') do SET VAR=%g
// you'll get some kind of output here from the command above -- just ignore it
C:\files> exiftool -CreateDate="2019%VAR:~54%" %F%
    1 image files updated

Power management

System wouldn't go to sleep

There are many reasons why a computer wouldn't go sleep regardless of the power settings. Here are some of my notes on troubleshooting this.

Network related issues


powercfg -requests yields the following (get into CMD as an Administrator):

C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -requests

[DRIVER] \FileSystem\srvnet
An active remote client has recently sent requests to this machine.





C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -requestsoverride DRIVER "\FileSystem\srvnet" SYSTEM