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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts
Domain Key Description Global
Meeting F6 Navigate among Zoom popup windows
Meeting Ctrl + Alt + Shift Change focus to Zoom meeting controls (on top when sharing screen) Yes
Meeting Page Up View the previous page of video participants in gallery view
Meeting Page Down View the next page of video participants in gallery view
Meeting Alt Always show meeting controls
Meeting Alt + F1 Switch to Speaker View
Meeting Alt + F2 Switch to Gallery View
Meeting Alt + F4 Close current window
Meeting Alt + V Start/stop video
Meeting Alt + A Mute/unmute my audio
Meeting Alt + M Mute/unmute audio for everyone except host (Host Only)
Meeting Alt + S Start/stop screen sharing
Meeting Alt + Shift + S Show/hide windows and applications available to share
Meeting Alt + T Pause/resume screen sharing
Meeting Alt + R Start/stop local recording
Meeting Alt + C Start/stop cloud recording
Meeting Alt + P Pause/resume recording
Meeting Alt + N Switch camera
Meeting Alt + F Enter/exit full screen mode
Meeting Alt + H Show/hide in-meeting chat panel
Meeting Alt + U Show/hide participants panel
Meeting Alt + I Open the invite window
Meeting Alt + Shift + I Copy invite link
Meeting Alt + Y Raise/lower hand
Meeting Alt + Q End meeting
Meeting Alt + Shift + R Begin remote control
Meeting Alt + Shift + G Revoke/give up remote control permission
Meeting Ctrl + 2 Read active speaker name
Meeting Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H Show/hide floating meeting controls Yes
Meeting Ctrl + + Increase chat display size
Meeting Ctrl + - Decrease chat display size
Team Chat Alt + Shift + T Screenshot Yes
Team Chat Alt + L Switch to Portrait/Landscape view
Team Chat Ctrl + W Hide current chat session
Team Chat Ctrl + Up Go to previous chat
Team Chat Ctrl + Down Go to next chat
Team Chat Alt + Left Back in chat
Team Chat Alt + Right Forward in chat
Team Chat Ctrl + N New chat
Team Chat Ctrl + F Search
Team Chat Ctrl + L Focus keyboard to list of all chats/channels
Team Chat Ctrl + U Focus keyboard to latest message in chat/channel
Team Chat Ctrl + Alt + I Add a member to current channel
Team Chat Alt + N Jump to start of new message in chat/channel
Phone Ctrl + P Call highlighted number/search directory
Phone Ctrl + Shift + A Accept call
Phone Ctrl + Shift + E End call
Phone Ctrl + Shift + D Decline call
Phone Ctrl + Shift + M Mute/unmute call
Phone Ctrl + Shift + H Hold/unhold call
Phone Ctrl + Shift + T Transfer call