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Classical Literature (古典文學 고전문학)


Classical Education/Arts (古藝, 고예)

Eastern (東)

Western (西)

  • Liberal arts education since Boethius (보이티우스 (또는 보에티우스) 이후의 교양교육)
    • Trivium (三學, 삼학)
      • Grammar (文法, 문법)
      • Logic (論理學, 논리학)
      • Rhetoric (修辭學, 수사학)
    • Quadrivium (四科, 사과)
      • Arithmetic; abstractions
      • Geometry; spatial
      • Music; time
      • Astronomy; spacetime
    • Advanced (高等敎育, 고등교육)
      • Theology (神學, 신학)
      • Philosophy (哲學, 철학)
  • Modern liberal arts education
    • Arts (fine arts, music, performing arts, literature)
    • Philosophy
    • Religious studies
    • Social science (anthropology, geography, history, jurisprudence, linguistics, political science, psychology, sociology)
    • Mathematics
    • Natural Sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth sciences)

Classical Music (古樂, 고악)

Traditional Medicine (古醫書, 고의서)

Traditional Architecture (古建築, 고건축/전통건축)

Language Learning


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